Poetry Workshops

The workshops began in 2007, alas the computer records only go back to 2010, which in a way is fortuitous, because that is when they expanded beyond Louth to also run a group in Lincoln, which continues to this day at the Victoria Inn.

Louth Poetry Group opened their Old Stables in 2018 where they ran workshops on Monday and Friday Mornings, incorporating strong coffee and fresh bacon sandwiches into the writer’s mix. All was going exceptionally well until...

Louth Poetry Group moved online, with a variety of offerings including: Creative Writing, The Arts, and Poetry Review. Their Poetry Workshops can be found via Zoom on the second Tuesday evening of the month.

Please send an email for your own personal invitation. Meanwwhile here are some PDF’s which include details of the workshops from the past.

March 2010 Origins April 2010 Presentation June 2012 - Chalk.keyMarch 2012 Can Opener.keyJuly 2014 - Begin Again.keyOctober 2013 Movement.keyFebruary 2016 JoyfulNovember 2017 Nature August 04 2020 RenewalFriday Morning Poets Salon

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