Vagaries :: Love of The Key to Room 149

I sit here with badly bruised ribs. Saturday evening having been spent in two A&E Wards, after a pretty dramatic garden path fall.

Incapacitated, unable to drive, feeling sore and feeling sorry for myself what else to do but complete the collection of poems I had started assembling a few weeks back.

The poems began life two years ago; I can see from their content that I was travelling throughout the countryside of England, for my day job, during their origination.

Hotel bedrooms are a fine place for reflections, constrained as one usually is by those four grey walls that surround me and little room to swing a cat (not that I take a cat on my travels, or swing for them when I’m at home)

Love and loss, passion and rapture, as ever make an entrance, as does my own general satisfaction & dissatisfaction, with my life and my lot in the moment.

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