The Curved Ball Of An Artists Model :: Of Love Encouraged By The Breakout

As time gradually moves along, the poet’s distance to look back lengthens, with all the doubts, and the uncertainties, which the fading memory might therefore encourage. 

To write, in the day of the poem’s life, brings its own form of certainty. The nearer that day is to the now, the more it encourages the poet to be circumspect, perhaps caring more for who he might hurt.

These are poems that choose to look back over both the shoulder, and over the longer stretch; an attempt to balance doubt with certainty, to measure pessimism with optimism; this poet does occasionally try to take care.

These though are inextricably poems fired by love; lost love, found love, exotic love, erotic love, some might even say rebounded love; although the poet couldn’t possibly agree, nor disagree.

Four years on from this words thee poet is indeed going to risk increasing doubt, and uncertainty as he goes about reviewing, and republishing this collection.

The Curved Ball Of An Artists Model - Of Love Encouraged By The Breakout 2016

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