Outline Sketches And Vague Reasoning :: Love Within A Drifting Mind

These were new poems, poems first brought to life in the year of 2012. They are presented in totality; all of the poems written in that period. Poems, offered up, in the same chronological order as their birth.

It is not true, as some would have us think, that detail means diminishing returns wrote Mark Hutchinson in his poem Notes from a Tailors shop.

I might write that distance neither brings diminishing returns, for these poems are of love present and of love past, words sprung from yesterday's memories as well as meditations on the possibilities for the coming year.

Freud’s Dream Psychology is introduced by saying that the ‘royal road’ into the unconscious is now open to all explorers. 

So, for the intrepid explorers amongst you, please feel free to apply your own dream interpretations, wherever you feel the poetry has been sprung from the poet's dreamscapes.

Outline Sketches And Vague Reasoning - Of Love Within A Drifting Mind 2016

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