In And Out Of Dream Space :: Of Love Embellished by Visitations

I have made a series of departures. When it comes to fight or flight I have shown great immediacy to be on the next trip out of town. It is a weakness, the poems are my consolation.

This particular departure, or at least the year of it had a different sort of certainty, an altogether stronger sense of finality; the poems then engage with new light, they seek out fresh paths. 

There is though still a looking back; sad reflections stay with us, whatever the weather. 

Outside the sun filters through the blossom, yesterdays rain is cleared, the flighted bird is grounded. 

These words, originally published in 2012, sound no less true today than they might have on the first day that I turned up at Hawkshutt Farm, in the February of 2005, for what, as it turned out, was to be the next step in a completely new phase in my life.

In And Out Of Dream Space - Love Embellished By Visitations 2016

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