From Turquoise To Purple :: Love From The Beach To The Boudoir

From time to time certain colours enter your life; yellow, the colour for my school house of Armitage at Penistone Grammar was one of my early recollections, it came at the same time as my Blue Streak racing bicycle. Both were to prove to be responsible for considerable accidents in my life.

And now here I am choosing two colours from the mid life crisis years; turquoise and purple carrying so many strong connotations for this no longer young innocent member of the androgynous species.

The poems are from a variety of time I realise as I work through them; it is true that they were collected together at one time, and many of them were written around that time, but I can see longer trails of vapour, back to that times just before their world began.

The first poem stands out on its own as being a reminder of a particular point of departure, it was about 25 years ago, around the same time in fact that the turquoise and purple really began entering my life with vigour.

From Turquoise To Purple Love From The Beach To The Boudoir

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