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Before 2005

Yorkshire Love Poems & Other Desperate Stuff

Stuff other than desperate love stories or….

Desperate love stories and other stuff

More stuff less desperate still love

Never less than desperate, anymore than love stuff

Love; the fabric covered book of love

Yorkshire Love Poems and Other Desperate Stuff Volume 1

Yorkshire Love Poems and Other Desperate Stuff Volume 2

Mother Nature; Painted Toenails

Norton's Grate

Love with an Inch of Snow

Preamble Spin in Love

Doubt no Choice Volume 1

Doubt no Choice Volume 2

Invitation to Open Words

To be is not Alone Enough

Damn it I need Some Emotion

Turn into not

2005 - 2007 The College Years


Frying inside

With Echo and Delay

Archangel Michael

Before I set off Elsewhere

Carbon flecks and sulphur specks


Godrevy Water

A piece of me Aditi

The sphere, ellipsoidal now, collides with air currents

All for five shillings worth

Burnt off sulphur musk

The Separation Poems

Massage slow, mellow in

Souls of pigeons everywhere

Concave Infinite Disturbance


Rolled by a Wayward Strand

I will buy the flowers

The flux of tide and wane of moon

I pretend that instead


We haven't yet met

Hardly a vibration

He's very clever, his name is John

One Quick Chop

Without a Permanent Address

Do not under estimate your breath

Window on a twenty mile view

Looks nice in spring

All wrapped in lace and fancy paper

They carry my pictures

The glass of greater means

Each breeze its own velocity

Mottled pink persuasion

East of Lincoln Central

In such a shabby, Crabby way

Embroidered Cadillac

Rainbows on my spectacles

I suppose you could call it country

He waits for the season - Her reason is clear

Words in aspect South facing

This dust, it gets everywhere

Says Something about you

Yes that’s right it is Ummagumma

Two days of scraps of torn up paper

On the arm of the vast armchair

News from flatlands and marshes

Portrait of a picture as a young man

Poems of Paintings

The sepia bone is still at last

Eighteen untold stories of bedrooms, gardens and torn down houses

A faster jet leaves its stream overhead in a southerly direction

In his wake the legacy of squiggly lines


Salvation in Identity - Love of Soft Skin

Lessons And Conversation - Love With The Weathervane

Low Highlights - Love of The Separatists


Invisible Ball of Wool - Love With Darkness Calling

Self Indulge - Love Of The Intangible Abstract

Faded Responsibilities - Love of Unfathomable Security


On The Cusp Of Summer - Volume 1

On The Cusp Of Summer - Volume 2

After The Cusp Of Summer - Volume 1

After The Cusp Of Summer - Volume 2

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