Free Pamphlets

The free pamphlets begin, perhaps rightly with Yorkshire Love Poems & Other Desperate Stuff, the first collection of poems that Christopher set into a poetry pamphlet form, some time before 2003, although the poems themselves began life in the early 1990's. There have been many versions of this pamphlet, and of the poems within it over the years; later versions will appear either in a new pamphlet or in a reworking of the original pamphlet. The poems are all © Christopher Sanderson 2013 with all rights reserved.

The poetry pamphlets style has changed several times, the latest variant trying to meet the vagueries of the epub format. On this site PDF will be used exclusively. 

"Writing poetry seems to be an odd thing to be doing for someone who left school without hardly ever attending English class. If it is fate that brought me to poetry then I am thankful for fate, and for all what fate has brought into my life."

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© Christopher Sanderson 2020