poetryshop.co.uk is the home for the full collection of the works of Christopher Sanderson (aka coastmoor). Here you will find links to all of Christopher's poetry that he has created over the past 25 years; it is to be a living archive, to support the ongoing work of the writer as he reaches the autumn of his years.

The site begins with a Selected Pamphlets section that features some of Christopher’s publications which are available today on Amazon.

Next is the Free Pamphlets section which is where Christopher Sanderson's poetry began being collated. These PDF poetry pamphlets are free to read, and free to download.

The site moves on to Poetry for Sale. Christopher's work can be found on Lulu, iTunes, Amazon and Kindle (just type Christopher Sanderson or Coastmoor into their search engines, or follow the links from the poetry for sale section on this site).

Finally there is an Audio & Video section with links to Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud where you can listen to Christopher reading his work, or watch video-poems where Christopher has supported his poetry with video.


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